Gear Change Indicator - V7ii

After 6 years of V7 Classic ownership, I still have not yet quite got to grips with the 6 Speed Box on the V7ii :frowning:

Has any one fitted a gear change indicator to the V7ii ? If so, then what was used ? What problems were encountered, if any ? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

One way to achieve this is to fit the Moto Guzzi Multi Media Platform module which works using a handlebar mounted Smart Phone.
In addition to Gear indication lots of dynamic parameters can be viewed in ‘real time’
I have fitted one to my 2016 V7 11 and it works well, Google for full information :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. Any chance of a series of pics showing the installation of the device, and the smart phone, and the info shown by the smart phone? The Guzzi site is not very forthcoming on what it can do.

Do you have to buy the Smart phone app separately ?

At this stage 170 merry quidlets is a little more than I wanted to spend on a simple gear changer. What other info comes up that shows on the screen ?

If it was able to diagnose the rather rough running at low RPM, then that would really be quite interesting.

Have you done a Internet search, there’s various gizmos that use micro or reed switches to count up or down and show it on a 7-segment display, only thing is of course mounting the display somewhere, and the switches to work with the gear pedal somehow.

I have. I thought that mounting switches and sensors on the gear changer was not the right way to go. I wanted something that connects to the electrics.

I have had a look at the device on YouTube. It does provide an array of information. It is all whizzing around in the CPU doing nothing ! It is quite obvious that all this information could be provided on a dedicated screen, as original equipment, as so many other manufacturers already do.

If my electronics were upto it, I could abstract the information from the socket and make my own gear change indicator.

Whereabouts is the socket to which this multimedia device connects ? Any chance of a photo ?