gearbox bearings lemans mk11

evening all,i have installed new bearings throughout the box but after browsing some guzzi stuff online it seemed to sugest that the input and output double bearings of the nine ball type with nylon cages should be avoided. is this so? i have put two in and if they are iffy i can change them now before the box goes back together… Sources for new bearings would be great. kind regards russ

‘They’ reckon, if you have the choice, you should go for the older bearings, much tougher…and I know to my cost that the plastic caged ones aren’t as durable.

By chance I was re-reading the technicalities of this issue on line a couple of hours back.
If I could/can work out how to attach to these posts I’ ll send it …otherwise I will try to reference it.


hi al ,what happened? russ