Gearbox end case welding

I need to get the clutch operating arm pinion welded, one of them broke off. Any recommendations on someone who can do the job?

Where about are you Alberto?

i’m in Stroud, Glos

aha not far from me
I take it you have stripped the case, and given it a good clean
speak to Mike or Tim at stroud motorcycle company, they are ex BVM and specialise in Beemers and enfields
if they cant do Tig Welding they will have a contact on the same estate
they are nice blokes honest and trustworthy ( something their old employer lacked )

Thanks for the link I’ll give them a call tomorrow. I just finished taking the end cover off without too much grief, I don’t really want to remove the bearings, can the cover be welded with the bearings in situ?

possibly if they used frost putty, but any oil seals are for the chop
the clutch release bearing will need replacing though as that is in direct line of the heat, but they are el cheapo
Ps look out for a nice Le Mans around your manor
SIlver and rather special !!
not mine,but newly purchased by a chap who will be joining soon

Cool, thanks. I’ll be riding a very bright orange mountain bike until I get the lemans sorted, even though its been twenty five years since I last rode it, I can’t wait. I fired the motor up a couple of weeks ago and I got her running reasonably well considering all the cracks in the exhaust.
I’ll keep my eye out for the silver spesh.

Endcase has been welded by Maynard Engines Stroud GL5 5EX(

top banana did the BMW boys reccomend it ?
best bit is not having to travel miles
might see you on the road soon ?

They were recommended by the BM boys and they are an excellent firm to have local to me.
I’m in the process of paint stripping the frame, so I’m probably a month or so from finishing. I haven’t decided if I’m going to source an old school spray painter or do it myself with aerosols. Anyway I’ll probably write a few post’s to keep everyone up to date on progress.


if you want a decent finish get it painted by a pro
aerosol paint is not that good
you could also try plastic coating, i have had a few frames done with it, excellent finish and lasts well
or stove enamaliing if you want quality but not origional