Gearbox impending doom?

So, I need some advice from the collective….
I dropped the oil out of my 850GT gearbox today – it’s done about 6000 miles since the last change I think. The oil itself was not discoloured but when I tipped it into the waste container there were a few metallic flakes in the bottom of the tub. A couple of these stuck to my magnet, although they were only about 1mm in size.
The gearbox is not noisy and all works as it should, so do I just keep using it until it develops some symptoms or do I pull it apart? As a compromise I did wonder about using it for a few weeks and then dropping the oil again to see what’s in there.

  Hi Ian, your last idea sounds best, the usual cause of the little bits is the odd clunky gear change which can knock a  tiny corner off a tooth or the wear of the selector forks, usually not a problem as the gearbox is built to Massey Ferguson proportions. The only fault I have found with older boxes is the shock absorber spring can fracture after many years use but this involves a fair bit of noise.
Cheers, Gerry.Â

Thanks Gerry, I’ll leave well alone. I didn’t put any moly in, but will drain again over winter and put some in then if it seems OK.