Gearbox output shaft seal leak?

Hi guys - found a load of gear oil in my swing-arm when I took it out to check the barings etc? Checked the gearbox which was well down too! Question: what sort of job is it to replace the g’box output shaft seal? (IF that is the problem?) Easy? Not too much surgery? I DONT have a warm, comfortable garage to work in - so - ideas please? Thanks - Oh - its a Cali EV1100 2002. Cheers.

Mhhh - Im got a feeling mine might be playing up too so I’ll watch this with interest

However, IIRC didn’t this months Gumbalunga have an article that included exactly this question but on a Breva?? Might give you some pointers

Cheers Tris, I’ll check it out. I was given a full print-off of the Cali EV manual, just hoping to pick a few brains of those who already had this problem & done it themselves & to see what kind of job it is that Manuals dont always clarify? :wink:

I’m sure this has come up many times before - have you searched the forum for best practice? Â In any case, job is fairly straight forward…but I have a bench… Will not repeat full instructions here as it reads like you have that. I’ve said this before: do not be too surprised if UJ drops out of support bearing s/arm and/or you notice oil coming from drivebox seal and/or clutch pushrod seal looks a bit leaky when you remove rear end…they like to spring these things on you, bless them! New g/box seal can be put in using the old one and a suitable box spanner but there will probably be a special tool! Good winter job!

Thanks for that Padgman! Finally got the time AND excuse to spend time on the sofa with my copy of Gambalunga AND check-thru the past forum blogs etc. I can see that it will probably be a “strait-foreword job”? My only regret is that I didn’t do the damn thing before when I had the swing arm etc all out, checking the baring’s previously! Now it’s all got to come out again. Dooow! Definitely needs to be done before the summers riding season gets here tho! Hey-ho, where’s me damn tool kit - again!? :smiley:

This looks like a Tonti frame?

Normally on a Tonti s/arm there is a small channel through the bottom of the final drive pinion housing, so that F/D oil has access to the shaft tunnel. (Not sure why, doesn’t seem to do much.) At the front end the UJ support bearing should seal the end of the tube, it being a sealed type.

If you mean oil in the UJ area that may just be because someone has dipped the UJ assembly in oil at last rebuild. (?)

Ok Mike H - thanks for that. Hmmm… food for thought?? But actually, I first took the S/Arm out way back in '07 just after I bought it as the whole arm was just red with rust, so taking it out made it easier to work on? BUT there was very little oil in the U/J area at that time. Although, the bike only had an indicated 4200 Miles on the clock then - now circa 43,000! Now, having read right thru Jane Jessop’s story about her leaky seal problems etc, I am at least inspired to get stuck-in & change the nuisance thing ASAP. WHEN there’s a gap in the wintery weather clouds!? Cheers buddy.

OK, doesn’t seem like I’ve had this prob so will be interested what you find.

I guess g/box oil could find it’s way into the swingarm as the UJ is rarely tight in its bearing after some use, so could seep thru there.

Just as a matter of interest, the old R80 has separate oil for the shaft, which I read can have a tendency to migrate into the g/box, sure enough mine does that, what you do is simply drain and catch the excess from the g/box filler/level hole, then put it back into the shaft tunnel.

Quick fanx Guys & Gals for all the inputs, I got the seal & with the help of Jane Jessops article in Jan-Febs issue of Gambers - I now have the technique to go with it? All I need now is the time & WILL-power to go out into the drafty back yard, get the spanners out & FIX the damn thing!? :wink: Cheers!

I changed mine last winter. As long as you have 4ft arms with three elbows in each it’s a dodel.
I ended up making a tool out of 2bits of 3/4inch drain pipe a inner one with insulation tape around it to build it up and a outer one split lengthways wrapped around the inner one. Cannot remember exactly what I did with it but it enfolded hitting it with a hammer from a foot away.Â
otherwise jobs not bad.