Gearbox vent

Hi all,
as a fairly new owner of an Eldo, I have a query which keeps coming to mind, on the gearbox of the Eldorado, kerb side slightly above and to the left of the neutral switch, is what I believe to be an oil pressure release valve, from this,(on my bike) is a clear neoprene tube which then goes down below the gearbox alongside the engine oil pressure outlet pipe, question I have is , is this correct, I’m only asking because I’m sure I spotted a photo of an Eldo which as far as I could tell showed the pipe going up and disappearing behind the side panel, maybe someone could advise, many thanks.

It is correct. Clear neoprene isn’t but doesn’t really matter!

Lot of folk put them upwards, it stops the oil mist residue dripping on the floor, it drains back down the tube’