Got myself a Rooster!

I’ve always loved the look of the Galletto since I saw a couple in Mandello. One parked up on a street corner in everyday use and another on display in a filling station. It has beautiful period looks and old school charm. I therefore couldn’t believe my luck when one came up for sale here! A 192cc. Not cheap but the owner was nice enough to let me pay over a few weeks. Its missing the spare wheel and will need a full restoration(although it is running and sounds great)When finished it will join the Zigolo in the museum(shed)! Expect tech questions to follow.

My Zigolo 110. Being restored now so in a thousand bits

Motivlack2013-07-11 10:01:20

The Galletto looks very like one I looked at last year. Did it come over from the UK? I personally wouldn’t restore either but I’m a bit like that, but I’ve seen you’re a paint expert so probably itching to get them restored. Good luck with them.

Not a uk bike but originaly Irish…Guy I bought it from has it 20 odd years…I wont be going anywhere near it for a year or so as I have other projects to finish. Thanks

It is always difficult to decide if it should be a full restoration. But at the end of the day it is your money and your bike.


Lads…The paint has been brushed on the bike and its house paint. Both mudguards are beat in, chrome worn away to nothing…of course it will be restored! Its not a hard decision at all.

But it’s a guzzi. It may have come out the factory like that I hope you have an easier getting the paint off than I did with my Cardellino, I think it was welded on. But the metalwork underneath was immaculate.

If you need a hand finding bits drop me a line and I will try and help. As you will know that is the difficult part of the job.


Thanks Steve. Yes the metal used is far better quality than stuff used today. After blasting and block sanding the zigolo bodywork for primer the 40 year metal is pristine and rust free…amazing.

Thanks for the offer. The Galletto isn’t missing much(apart from the spare wheel). I can get most of the spares on ebay Italy I see.

wish I had the skills to buy projects like the Galletto,

Johnno, you must be joking.

I can just about fix apuncture on a pushbike but with the help of the guys on here I restored aCardellino. I am useless at practical mechanics but 2 yearsl later my bike has won top prize in its class at 2 big Danish show.

If I can do it anyone can…with help



It’s doing projects like the Galleto, or my Stornello that teach you new skills, I had never built a wheel before! but not too shabby at it now

[QUOTE=Don-Spada] It’s doing projects like the Galleto, or my Stornello that teach you new skills, I had never built a wheel before! but not too shabby at it nowÂ

look forward to me test ride Lord Don . Your terms and conditions apply

125cc and about 7hp, sure you can handle it

called in NLM yesterday and the first bike I see is a Galletto.
Quite an interesting bike I believe the spare wheel can fit front and rear and body work all ali.
Nice choice of bike