Government vehicle anti-tampering debate

Like many others, I recently signed a petition to express my concerns regards the government’s proposals to draft legislation on this matter … This is to be debated in parliament… This can be viewed live at on Monday 25th April at 4-30pm… HOWEVER…!! Nick Fletcher MP, the petitions commitee member opening this debate, is conducting a survey on peoples views and concerns… This short survey can be completed now … IT ENDS… 9am ON MONDAY 11th APRIL … 11 Days from now … This gives only ten working days for our MPs to take on-board our views and fears, before starting the process of drafting legislation … I do hope that we are not “sleepwalking” into legislation that curtails and restricts the freedom to enjoy our much-loved pastime … I’m off to take part in a survey, Regards, Tony

OOPS…!! I forgot, the survey can be found at … … Tony

Thanks Tony,
I’ve read their blurb and put my tuppence worth in their survey. I have a couple of old bikes on which I have upgraded the brakes. Given that any legislation is bound to be a blunt instrument, I argued that these genuine upgrades might be considered illegal as they were not factory issue.

I’m thinking of basic stuff like replacing tired rubber brake hoses with braided steel.

Coments submitted. How am I supposed to get Original manufacture parts for my T140! Triumph -Meriden went bust in 83 and Les Harris that made stopped manufacture in 1988.
How will it impact the massive after market parts industry for cars and motorcycles?
My suggested solution was to exclude Historic vehicles, ie those over 40 years old.

Good point Don. I suspect the real motivation behind this legislation is to prevent people disabling the speed limiters and GPS trackers that Stuart Fillingham refers to here:

Excluding historic vehicles should not be too much to ask.

And fitting stupid wheels, chipping engines etc

I am sure it is more aimed more at people adding special chips and removing emmisions devices such as diesel particulate filters, catalytic convertors etc that increases polution rather than me fitting an after market exhaust to my ancient bike, but the risk is that we all will be caught by the same net if we don’t object.

Gentlemen, you have got it in one … My thoughts exactly … About ten or fifteen years ago there was an attempt by the MP for Blackley, ( north Manchester), for all motorcycles, whether “on the road” or not, to be Mot’d and insured. This was to hopefully deter the local “yoof” from riding their field-bikes etc, round their housing estates, and local parks, footpaths etc … The problem remains … the legislation never got off the ground … Tony

I filled in the original consultation document, which was more detailed than what has been reported.

  1. Type Approval for all parts.
  2. Anti Tampering.
  3. The line that hasn’t been reported; The Ministry would like the power to change the rules in order to keep pace with the ever increasing speed of innovation. This does away with consultation. Scary!

Although I agree with the environmental content, it opens up the discussion on how it will be policed and how classic vehicles can be kept on the road.
The reply I received from signing the petition said it was not their intention to stop classic vehicles or to prevent the use of non OEM, but that is not what the consultation document stated.

Let’s hope that the BMF, MAG etc. succeed in their efforts.

I am quite sure that you have all seen the debate, which took place in a room in Westminster today … ( 1630 to 1720 )… This was broadcast on you-tube, and our MP’s were allowed to make representations to the government, regarding the issues raised by all who completed the government’s survey, and the conclusion of their consultation period … You haven’t seen it …? Please allow me to bring you “up to date” …
An awful lot of parliamentary phrases and protocol ensued, but the general flavour of what I took from today’s proceedings, was that the government’s plans are still quite vague, they still cannot be specific, regarding what is “tampering” … what is “modifying” … what is “improving” … what is “development” … what is “restoration” … what is “repair” … what is “safety-related” … and on, and on … and …
However, you can be very sure that the government’s representative, used the words, “safety” … “health” … “environment” … and “pollution” … more times than I have ever heard before … She also uttered two words … bolstered by a steely glare, and delivered them with the authority of a “hanging-judge” … Noise Cameras …!!! Her closing comments made me fearful that is a forgone conclusion … a done deal … This proposed bill, WILL be published this summer … BUT, no date has been fixed …
I am quite fearful of what this shower are trying to do … Who was it that said, “If you don’t stand for something … You’ll fall for anything”
Regards, Tony …