Grabbing Spada clutch.

Another problem to sort out after my long trip, besides the replacement barrels, is the clutch.
The motor is 1981 Spada and I fitted a deep splined clutch centre and new friction plates before the trip.
When the bike is cold, the clutch works Ok, but once its all at running temp. the clutch is grabbing. Best described as, when you engage the clutch, it tries to take up drive sooner than you want it to. Worst at low revs, better, but still unpleasant if you give it more revs to pull away.
I’ve got the clutch apart, necessary anyway as I have to redo the crank oil seal, and nothing looks amiss.
Friction plates are clean and show even wear. Steel plates not badly worn and appear flat. Clutch centre splines still Ok. Clutch push rod working smoothly.
Any suggestions?
Could it simply be a matter of correct adjustment of the operating lever on the back of the gearbox?

How much slack do you have between the lever and the lever mount.I normaly like about 4mm.

When the plates get hot they expand, so the take up point is ‘earlier’, this is normal. (Also they get more ‘sticky’ and the intermediate plate flops around and drags on them as well.) This may be compensated for by taking up a bit of cable slack with the knurled handlebar adjuster, but there’s a danger of going too far and making gearchanging more stiff, still not sure how that happens. There is a whole topic somewhere about the gearbox lever adjuster screw.

Here it is:

The forum wont let me into it.Access denied.

Thanks guys. As its apart now I can’t check on the angle of the operating arm. I certainly had free play at the handlebar, and from experience of T3, SPII, and Cali Stone I know all about the change in adjustment hot & cold, but this is like nothing else I have experienced. The clutch point of engagement is really fierce.
Though I said the friction plate wear is even, closer scrutiny shows that one plate has an evenly polisher surface to the friction material, but the other shows some irregularity, which suggests that it is not truly flat and even in thickness.
If I put it all back together, maybe after some more very “untraffic friendly” running in, which I cannot see should be necessary, maybe it’ll be Ok. But given the amount of labour involved to get at the clutch, I think I’ll order up another plate.

Apologies for teaching grandma to suck eggs this is the problem with answering first questions on a forum you don’t know how much or little the OP knows. You’re most likely right then, doesn’t sound good.

Check that the splines in the flywheel are not notched either.

“I fitted a deep splined clutch centre and new friction plates before the trip” I hope they’re not this early

No offence! Equally, I’m a little shy of suggesting I know it all!

I had mine go like this either disengaged or full grab mine turned out to be two broken springs in the clutch happy hunting not the spings then as you have it in bits (sorry|)

Ex smokingbiker2013-09-18 17:05:15

Guzzi Clutch non Carc bikes! if it “grabs” here is the check list I go through.

  1. Check the cable is all good

  2. check the free play at the bars then the angle of the clutch arm adjust at the adjuster on the end of the gearbox

If the above is all good it starts to get a wee bit more difficult.

Take out rear wheel/bevel box off and the swing arm out (sorry)

  1. Check the bearing by taking the clutch are to 90 degrees and pull out the thrust bearing IF you are lucky this will just need replacing NOTE well the steel washers and the way it goes in.

If that does not need replacing then it is sadly a gearbox off to get at the clutch.

Check the clutch springs they are all the right lenght none broken,

Use graphite on the centre boss I use one of the builders pencils, DO NOT use grease in there it , in my experience ALWAYS gets out onto the clutch plates neccesitating another clutch out and clean.

At this point you may as well check the centre steel plate is flat and not in any way buckled and replace the friction plates.

I take off the gearbox sprocket to re align the clutch, worth buying a spare nut and certainly a tab washer, I usually drift the nut off having flattened the tab washer with a drift.

It can be caused by many things the clutch drag or slip the least being adjustment…worst the friction plates worn/contaminated OR worst case the friction plates either broken I have had one that had actually ripped apart and one that the friction material had come away.

Good luck.