Grating click noise

Just notived my Griso makes a strange grating noise with a regular sort of click from the shaft drive whenever I roll the bike backwards, doesn’t do it when I roll it forwards. Checked for anything caught in the tyre and caliper etc., which is all fine, seems to be from the carc itself, also checked oil level and all is well. Any ideas ? Thanks

perhaps the brake pads catching the holes in the disc as the wheel rotates?

Don’t think so, can’t see anything and why only when rolling backwards ?

Can you get the back wheel off the ground and turn it? That way you would almost certainly be able to isolate the source of the noise.

Found it ! A sticky label was on the inside of the Carc rubbing against the disk. Could only see it with a pen light and was in the most inaccessible spot possible. Got enough off to stop the noise, would have sworn it was a mechanical noise. Anyway, no need to catastrophise about my Carc exploding any more…

DOH!!! For goodness sake


Found it ! Anyway, no need to catastrophise about my Carc exploding any more… [/QUOTE]

Wrong forum. Wrong bike. Try