Griso 1100 high idle speed

Well 2 questions in as many days.
I recently purchase a very nice Griso 1100 2006 model. She starts and runs lovely. Starts on the button, soon settles into an idle speed of around 1100rpm. Go for a run and put her into neutral, idle speed around 1800rpm, blip the throttle, remains the same. Turn off the ignition and start again idles at around 1100 rpm. I have some thoughts, but wondered what the thoughts of the collective here might be?

Thanks for any thoughts,

OK Steve - some random thoughts

Sacred Screw messed with?
Sticky idle valve?
Air leak?
TPS going wappy?
IIRC the Griso is one of those that ups the idle revs when that clutch lever is pulled - check the switch perhaps :confused:

Apart from that i have nowt - as they say in this part of the world

Good Luck


To prove if the stepper motor may be casusing this problem you could disconnect the pipe from the air filter box and temp blanlk off both airbos and pipe. Easy to put back to normal too.

Bike will run fine with it disocnencted.

Thanks folks, will have a look. I noticed yesterday, that when I come to a standstill still in gear the revs are high, when I put it in to neutral and let the clutch out, the revs settle again.?

May be worth having a look on GrisoGhetto as there are a few articles on high idle.