Griso 1200 roller cam conversion?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a 2009 1200 Griso converted to roller cam to avoid possible future cam follower failure issues?

Anything is possible with the right amount of cash. I have read on Guzzitech that Piaggio are bringing out a conversion kit, firstly for the A8 motors, and later for the A5 series.I have no idea of cost, try ringing your local friendly Guzzi dealer.

I was interested in this. As per the other thread in the club discussion forum I asked at a very well known dealer and he said not to bother on a later bike. I guess on a 2009 it might depend on whether you have already had the followers replaced with the latest version ? Though I suppose cost would be the main factor. No idea what the price may be, but you’d hope it would be kept low given the circumstances.


it seems that there are sets coming, to replace cam and tappets under warranty when its going wrong.
A Dutchman (Paul) wrote about it in different forums.
Dutch link
German link, maybe not working
Guzzitech linkAd B2013-12-05 06:58:10