Griso 8V - clutch in for starting?

There’s a label on the tank of my Griso, just forward of the seat, in Italian and English. It warns to ensure that the clutch lever is pulled in for engine start.

There’s nothing in the owner’s manual about this, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference to starting the bike whether you hold in the clutch or not.

Do all Grisos have this label? If you should hold in the clutch, why is that? And why doesn’t the owner manual mention it?

On the V11 the clutch has a cut out on it so it will not start without pulling the lever, looking at the other thread If it has been disabled then could this be why you have a fuse blowing issue?? On the V11 it is a tiny micro switch on the lever similar to the one on the brake for brake light, no idea if the Griso is the same

There is a microswitch on the Griso clutch, but it’s only used when starting the bike in gear; with the clutch pulled in the starter is enabled, but if in gear with clutch not pulled in the starter is disabled. It does nothing when the bike is in neutral.

I have a Suzuki Freewind that requires the clutch to be pulled in on start. Even in neutral the starter won’t operate unless the clutch is pulled in. You don’t have to do this on the Griso (the start procedure is described in the user manual and does not include pulling in the clutch).

So do other Grisos have this label? If so, why?GZK6NK2013-09-30 20:19:51

It makes no difference really, but disengaging the gearbox does slightly reduce the load on the starter motor.I can only assume this is why they put that note on the tank.You have to remember this is a Guzzi we’re talking about, designed and built by Italians. Expect the unexpected.

Thanks Brian. I can go with that!

What he said, it removes the gearbox drag from the starter motor. Worth bearing in mind for cold weather starting though. Works with cars too.

Also if you start it in gear without the clutch pulled in the starter motor has the oomph to start the engine and unexpectedly pull you down the road!

Not possible on a Griso.

As Brian said, not possible, and my post a few above this did explain why that is.

Exactly my point, so that you cannot start it in gear without having the clutch pulled in.

[quote=“Brian UK”]

It makes no difference really, but disengaging the gearbox does slightly reduce the load on the starter motor.[

I do this with all my guzzis small and large block ,I believe it does help .Agree it should make no difference but my t5 seems to spin easier with clutch pulled in

Simple experiment anyone can do, try it with and try it without, see what you think I think it’s true especially in cold weather when all the oils are stiff.

I came across the same advice for the Cali, and felt that pulling in the lever did enable it to spin more easily. For some reason, I forgot to pull in the clutch when I picked up the Breva 1100 on Friday, and only realised when I got it home and noticed that same sticker. Thinking about it, It had seemed a bit laboured starting.