Griso key

How do I acquire a Griso key and programme it and how do I reset the spanner service symbol.
Help my comment in this post. This is assuming you have a key to copy.Regarding the spanner symbol, I think you can get rid of it in the settings menu.

Bikeralw2014-02-06 07:27:53

You will need the service code to get into that part of the dash menu, it’s 12425 You will need this to access the key programming and service reset. You will also need the personal security code to access the key programming.

Contact Mark at twiggers they do keys have even been known to get one from a picture

The cutting part is the easy bit, the immobiliser transponder is more tricky.

Thanks a lot

As for the transponder, no problem, Timpson stock them, and the common transponder Guzzi use can be cloned as opposed to copied.

I have had my Griso 1100 key cut which fits the lock but how do I programme it?

Look at the manual and scroll down to page 9 of the electrical system.