Griso manufacturers security

Today I have bought a Griso 1200, and am picking it up tomorrow
What I forgot to ask the dealer was, what standard security the Griso comes with? Mines a 2009 model, and I am wanting to insure it tonight as I am picking it up tomorrow morning quite early and it will be very tight time wise to go online and do this after I have spoken to the dealer post 0900 hrs.

The insurance proforma wants to know what type of immobiliser it has and there are loads of options to choose from, so any help tonight will be much appreciated. I don’t want to be dishonest now, do I, and just hazard a guess.

I’ve just looked again, and I see that under “security device,” I can put “Moto Guzzi” as manufacturer/installer, so I assume that again, I’ve solved my own problem. I must be more patient and read more slowly!

picked mine up three weeks ago, it takes some sorting with the suspension and i am now working on the fueling, but its a great bike built in chip in the key is the security, so putting moto guzzi is the right answer, my insurance went up though by £8 per year to £69 per annum, enjoy.