Griso Paint

Hi,When I got my Griso SE (green) from Moto Corsa I was informed that Guzzi did not do any touch up paints of it. Is there any Griso SE owners out there on the forum that have found a colour match or code so I can get hold of some paint.Thanks Eddie.

I had the same problem with the red on the V11 Le Mans got some from Mal Wilkinson @ Bike Colours 01524 33700 better to phone him

RS bike colours are also good met both at a show and all are very helpful

I haven’t needed any yet but have thought about it if I need to paint an accessory like the hugger for example, there are some car paints in Halfords that are very close and then flat it down to get the matt finish

Think the Griso SE metallic green paint is an Alfa Romeo colour.G.

Older Guzzis often used Fiat or Alpha colours…that is what I have been told by a painter any road up

RS colours have it in stock, thanks Ken for that, I havea fairing that I plan to put on the Griso that I want painted green first.

If it is a metallic pearl colour you may have to layer it with undercoat/base coat then the top coat and finally the clear cote…IF it is believe me it really is a very very difficult job.