Griso Seating

Fooling around with Jaws the Jawa sidecar recently left me needing a lift back from my Pal’s Ma’s place where we keep the outfit. So I ended up on the back of his Griso G11 for the c. 12 mile ride back to mine. First off it was a real challenge for this old boy even to be able to get a leg over the pillion pad. Once installed it is not a nice perch. Then once underway I was either getting thrust hard into the back of him (and he is certainly not of that persuasion, and I’m I’m pretty sure I’m not either) under braking or in danger of being deposited out on the road surface whenever he lit it up. The lack of grab rail, though he does have the pannier rails fitted each side, and the horrible OE fuelling certainly didn’t help. An all round nasty experience.

Then out at the speedway last week we decided it wasn’t parked right on the slope against the stadium fence so he being short in stature I hopped on to turn it around. Man those footrests are just so high. I reckon I’d cramp in minutes if I had to actually head out on it. So horrible all round really.

Thing is, I used to own one, albeit in a much better colour.

Well he was round on it last night - we were wiring hot grips onto Jaws as early prep for next years Elephant. So I took the opportunity to clamber on it again - didn’t seem quite so bad. Down at the speedway last week I’d ridden down on Hardley (the XLH) which has forward controls. Maybe my hips had ‘set’. Still feel like an oversized jockey perched on it though.