Griso tyre recommendations please

I need to replace both the front and rear tyres so was hoping to tap the collective brain :slight_smile:

Grip more important than mileage and I can budget for something between £150-£170 a pair. If that sounds light, a quick check on ebay reveals a pair of Pirelli Diablo Sports for £130 delivered!

I’m happy to fit tyres & tubes to my trail bike myself but for this beast, I’ll be using my excellent local bike shop for fitting/balancing to loose wheels (New Street Motorcycles, Horsham).

Any comments/opinions appreciated. Thanks


My Breva 1100 came with a pair of new Pirelli Diablos and I feel that the back has squared off PDQ - 4000 miles maybe.

That’s probably a function of the feeble way I ride but something to bear in mind

I can’t fault the grippiness :question: wet or dry though

Thanks for the advice, Tris.

I’ve ordered the Pirelli Diablo Sports. Other reviews on them were praising of grip and as it’s not my primary bike, a typical 4000 mile life will take me about 3 years!

My wife had a set on her Buell and on the occasions that I managed to sneak a ride, I recall no issues with grip.