Grisso, 4V or 2V which is easier to live with?

I’m thinking of getting a Griso, I know the 2V is supposed to be 88bhp and the 4V is supposed to be 110bhp,… but in the real world how do they compare?
I also understand that the early 4v suffered from poor case hardening on the cams, is this a thing of the past or do these still show up.

all constructive comments welcome…


Hi Rik.

I’ve not ridden the 2V Griso 1100 but I have a lovely 8V(4VPC) 1200SE and the engine is a delight. You are right, in that some of the earlier 8V engines could suffer form premature tappet/cam wear (mine was caught early and converted to roller tappets). The later 8V Grisos were fitted with the roller cam followers and although I can’t give a definitive date, I understand that the latest ‘Devil’ colour schemes (black/silver or black/red) should have the upgrade. Don’t take my word for it though - it will take less than ten minutes for the owner to pop off a cam cover and show you.

The 8V engine is has no shortage of low down grunt and goes like a V8 hot rod at higher revs :smiling_imp: . The top speed is limited to how long you can fight the wind (I don’t have a screen on mine) but I guess that can be seen as a good thing because the bike is enjoyable at legal speeds.

Someone who has ridden both will be able to chime in with a comparison.