grr kill switch

well im sure it’s happened to everyone at some point, tight turn and tank bag meets kill switch I’m planning on disconnecting it over the weekend, Im fairly sure I dont need it to pass the mot and the key is easily to reach.Any opinions on disconnecting it!?

I have never used mine on purpose in 44 years.Mind you they didn’t exist for the first 10 years.

That’s one area where Guzzi have actually made an improvement. On the CARC bikes you have to pull the switch out to kill the engine.

I see a little bit of cutting and soldering this evening

only use i have ever had of it was when lying under the bike following a spill i was able to tell a helping hand - push the big button

Well that is what it is there for. I try to avoid that situation and have always rolled clear.Actually I have just rememberes once I didn’t. But the CD175 didn’t have a kill switch AFAIK.

im stumped with mine, tank bag just touches the kill switch at full lock, not sure if an alternate set of switch gear would help

What tank bag, might be cheaper and easier to change that.for the record I recomend Baglux.

can you not just loosen the swithch on the bars and rotate it a fraction should not take mutch to miss the bag

The t5 has the switch gear, mirror and brakes all in one unit :-(any i tried moving but i cannot reach the front brake comfortably and run out of mirror adjustmentThink new brake resovior and switch gear may be in order

I was gonna say exactly the same the Baglux doesn’t but a mag bag on the V1000 did …and these are replacement switches. I solved it by rotating the bars ever so slightly, along with a wee adjustment to the switch, easier than disconnecting the switch.

The Baglux Harness on the V1000 I had an additional strap added so it went around the frame at the rear of the herness pulling it back. That helped keep the bag from moving too far forwards.

Like Ian I have hardly ever used it BUT on the couple of occasions i have needed it:-

  1. Left a disc lock on dropped the running bike the kill switch was certainly needed.

2)Had the bike fully loaded with tank bag could not easily access the ign switch, on the V1000 they are under the headstock, the kill switch then becomes useful at fuel stops and the like.

You could always just re-locate a kill switch OR get the newer switchgear with the kill switch more on top of the r/h switch BUT it is alot of work when simply rotating the bars can do the job.

back and knee probs have me at a compromise with handle bar angle :frowning: im going to have a look for an alternaive switch and brake assemble i think.Just dawned on me that if i put the tank bag on backwards it’s much lower at the sadle end and might solve my problem

guzzi-t52013-05-23 12:26:47

Seems that someone planning to remove a kill switch comes up at regular intervals on the forum.Having been in a situation where I’m pretty certain I’d be brown bread without an operable kill switch, I’d urge you to think long and hard before removing it.YMMV of course, but IMHO a kill switch is invaluable when you need to shut everything down… fast.

guzzijack2013-05-23 12:36:37

yeah have been tugged both ways with the switch removeal.kill switch and tank bag nearly caused me to hit the deck last night so its not my favorite addon at the moment!

Could a small guard be made to stop the bag hitting it but still leave it accessible? Like a nuclear launch switch Regards,John

As long as the ignition switch is on the handlebars, then the kill switch is not a requirement in the Mot. In a crash you reach for what is familiar, i did, just turned the key to stop the engine , never thought about the switch i had never needed to use in 35 years!
Now if it was a speedway kill switch, that would have stopped me struggling to reach an engine still running on its side, 50 metres down the road with a punctured lung.

Just superglue the switch so it can’t move. It’s not an MOT requirement.