Guzzi Breva 750 (2005)

Hi all, I am a retired bike enthusiast looking for bit of advice. I stripped Breva 750 right down following cleaning powder coating the full works re-assembled finishing last November, really pleased with result and following a couple of short test runs completed with no problem I wrapped down for winter. Just charged battery and as soon as I connected ignition and beam light stated rapped flashing, switch ignition on nothing at all, ignition off dash lights start flashing again. Looking if anyone has any advice or possible cause / ideas to help. Thanks John

Probably impossible to do but have you put the battery in the wrong way round or got some connections to the battery wrong?

have you powder coated over an earth connection ?
as Ian said Battery polarity
have you cleaned and sprayed the fuses with duck oil or WD40
there are two sets
one set by the battery, the main fuse
and another set behind the right hand side panel
check the battery voltage across the terminals and see what it is with ignition on and off
have you unplugged any electrical connectors ?
or pinched a cable
I could not quite understand your wording when you describe the fault
where abouts in the country are you ?

Hi again John reporting back, discovered today battery totally us did not hold charge realised today totally flat, used jump leads from small car battery and it sprang into life with no problems showing so thanks for your responses and look forward to some trouble free Guzzi miles. Thanks again John

A point worth mentioning
the ECU drains the battery
so if you dont use the motorcycle very often connect it to an optimate
also its worth doing the starter motor wiring mod, I put up with the click click thing for ages before I modified it
also get one of those clever little gadgets to sort the juddering at low revs and banging and popping
our very own prince of darkness sells them
it totally transformed my Breva and made it much more rideable

And welcome to rhe club…
Re the last bit of RGs post…he is referring to the the Finebau module…

If you need a new battery Tanya UK do several.

aha thats the thing
it was easy to fit even for some one as thick as me
rode it for 20 miles and it set itself up
I can now run the bike down to 1 thousand revs in town without juddering, it pulls better, accelerates smoother and doe snot pop and bang on the over run
I took my Nephew on the back as he had ridden across Europe with me and he also noticed how much smoother it is