Guzzi first timer in Derbyshire

Just taken delivery of a V85 TT Travel. Never ridden a Moto Guzzi before, but always liked the styling of their bikes.
250 miles in, and I love it. Bit of adjustment going on as I learn the characteristics, plus limited by the running in requirements, but I’m impressed.

Very comfortable, though the screen needs fettling. Performance on the top side of adequate, even taking it gently. Handling and suspension is amazingly good. Looking forward to adding lots of miles.


Congratulations. :smiley:


The Guzzi fest is in Derbyshire this year, so you may see a few around in August :smiley:

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Top of Winnats Pass

Welcome to the group Dave, I am new too, in Notts.

Welcome to the forum Dave.

Lincolnshire member here but Derbyshire born and bred. Was at Guzzifest last year in Matlock and hope to see you all there again

this year. Rode a V7 speciale then but traded it in for a new V100 Mandello from MSC Nottingham. What a bike! The best I’ve ever had.

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