GuzziDiag on V7 Classic


I decided to give GuzziDiag a go on my V7 Classic as I was finding the idling a bit rough and cruising/acceleration in the 2-2.5k rpm quite jerky.

However, having loaded the map given free on the website, it was actually worse. Idling was barely at 1k rpm instead of 1.1-1.2k rpm, I stalled several times and the jerky running at 2-2.5k was quite a lot worse.

By the way, I did do the TPS and auto-relearning resets as discussed in the guidance. Anyway, I have put the original map back in for now, and it’s back to how it was.

So, has anyone used GuzziDiag on a V7 Classic?

I read the website Tuning information and it did state specifically for the V7 (does that include the Classic?) that the throttle setting might be an issue - expecting it to be between 0.9 and 1.0 (I’m not sure what that means), and Throttle relearning may be required. My throttle at idling is reading 10.8degrees. Is that correct?

Any help gratefully received!


Just checked again, and my throttle when closed is at 2.67 degrees, not 10.87 - doh!

Still, that’s not 0.9-1.0.



I rode into work this morning - still stuttering a bit at 2-2.5k rpm. It stalled as well a couple of times because of the rough idling.

I note that the version of GuzziDiag I’m using is version 0.47, and I couldn’t find any mention of “Throttle Relearning” as a drop down option under “Actors”. Have I got the latest/right version??

There is also mention of making sure the throttle bodies are balanced - how do I do that?


I have a V7 Classic and have used GuzziDiag to set it up.
You firstly need to close the two bypass screws and then balance the throttles at 2000-3000 rpm using a vacuum gauge or manometers first before doing anything else. The screw to do this is the big slotted head one on the left side of the bike that links the two throttle mechanisms. It is pretty sensitive. Switch off the bike.
After loading GuzziDiag choose “V7Classic” from the list of bikes. Attach the cable to your bike and to your laptop.
Now go to File/ “connect” to the bike. It will tell you to switch the bike on BUT DO NOT START IT.
Then go to View/ Actors and select one of the action box drop-downs to be TPS Reset. Select start and it will reset your TPS. File/ Disconnect from the bike.
Now start the bike and look again at the vacuum and only open a throttle by-pass screw on the side that evens up the vacuum.
There is also an action box drop down in GuzziDiag for re-learning parameters if you should need it.
I note you are in South West London.
If you want to come down the A3 to mine, I can help you.

Thanks David,

That’s helpful - I was beginning to suspect, in reading around the subject, that perhaps that was the source of the problem.

I don’t have a balancing vacuum guage manometer myself - whereabouts are you based?


I have sent you a pm.
I live in Whitehill on the A325 near Bordon.

Thanks David,

Replied by PM!


How are you getting on with sorting it out?
Offer still stands to help if you want to come down here.

Hi David,

I’m just back from holiday myself, only to find that the battery had gone flat, and wouldn’t take charging. So, now I’ve got a new battery fitted…

However, to answer your question:

Before I went away I did check and adjust the valve clearances (set to 0.1/0.15mm as per my manual rather than the 0.15/0.2mm I’ve seen quoted elsewhere) and I think I did the throttle balancing OK as well. However the engine still is a bit jerky/hesitant on acceleration and cruising at anything less than around 2.5-3k rpm, especially when cold.

It seems to me that the issue is the fuel map - I am still running the one as it came on the bike, as when I tried to replace it with the free one for V7s from the Grizo website it just made it all much worse - very rough/poor idling, and even worse acceleration - jerky/bunny-hopping and unsmooth. And even with the one as currently loaded on the bike I get quite a lot of exhaust popping on overrun.

So… not sure what to try next. Maybe I have screwed up on the balancing…?

I’ve got this weekend relatively free so may play around with it some more then.


The fuelling is made to meet exhaust emissions standards, but is not practical for actual everyday use. Other makes of motorcycle have this exact same problem, it’s not unique to Guzzi.

Thanks Mike,

So, if I do switch back to the V7 fuel map on the Grizo website, are there a series of steps (easy) that I can take to get the fuel map to stop the jerky/hesitant throttle response? Is it, as i have read somewhere, something to do with the CO2 setting?


To be honest I haven’t the faintest idea, and wouldn’t want to suggest doing anything that could damage your bike.

Fair point! I will take care whatever I do…


Have you carried out a TPS reset?

Hi David,

Yes, last time I tried loading a map I did use the TPS reset, and the autolearning parameters reset as well.

One thing I have noticed is that the fuel map offered for free for the twin-throttle V7 on the Griso website is called something like “Lambda-off-no-pop” - does that mean that you have to disconnect or disable the lambda sensor for the map to work properly? It’s not explained in the information/instructions on the website.


If you are on Facebook join the forum on V7s and there is a chap called Mark Bayley in Australia who, as Beetle, wrote the maps on Griso.
He will respond really quickly ( he helped me “live” via Facebook Messenger!).
I do not think you are supposed to unplug the lamda sensor. It is simply that the revised map ignores it. The ECU will probably need to have something attached to its wires!

Thanks David,

I’ve just looked and there seems to be quite a few V7 clubs on Facebook - do you know which one I should go for?


It’s ok - found it! Obviously really that it would be the V7 UK one!!