Hand Guards - any recommendations

Considering a pair of hand guards for the Breva 750 for winter riding. Does anyone have any recommendations?

There was a thread about this last year, someone suggested an aftermarket brand and someone else made their own out of plastic oil containers. Very Blue Peter!


Unfortunately I’ve thrown all my ‘sticky-backed plastic’, so it’s ready-made’s I think.


I seem to recall that something from the Barkbusters range was highly rated but I can’t remember which.

That name rings a bell, thanks, I’ll check them out.

Check out Barkbusters Storm , S1 to fit 22mm bars , S2 to fit 1 inch bars .
They may seem a bit pricey , but are well made and i believe parts are
available individually , if damaged .

The KTM guards are often compatible and good quality.
Pretty sure that Ian Dunmore fitted guards to his Breva. May be worth a note in General Banter


Myself, our new membership sec and others have fitted KTM barkbusters.
KTM have recently expanded their range but the originals fitted straight on and work.
See my letter in the latest Gambo or my column un the latest TRD.
Now that is blatant self advertising.
They cost less than £60.00 2 years ago.

Thanks Ian, I think that’s probably the way to go.


After pricing bark busters (ouch) I bought universal hand guards off eBay (£12.50). These are easy to fit and look smart. Does the job.

I fitted a PUIG touring screen ( for the second time ) the other sunday when I nipped up to stoke it kept my hands dry in torrential rain
I found the secret to mounting one on the breva as well, I can mail you pics if you want
if the weather is really bad I would fit muffs, but this screen seems to keep it all off