Has anyone bought one of these?

Are these any good - anybody?

I’d be wary of spending much on them.

Me too .

Looks like wastin’ money for nuthin.

Bought one and now I can’t find it?

I can sell you my spare one if you want.

Perhaps not a good idea then! Thanks.

The new model is a lot better.


I’ve got one - gorgeous!

Just found the one I got in 1998! Had forgotten all about it.

I think the chrome handles make it look cheap but at least it works now.

Mine didn’t have chrome handles, maybe it was a later version.

Sent mine back. Not fit for purpose and we couldn’t get into the kitchen anymore.

I’m begining to wonder if we are talking about the same thing here.

I had the portable one so it didn’t take up that much room.

Ah - that’s reassuring. I think indeed it may be the gorgeous, small version of the previously chrome handled one that can normally be taken into a kitchen, that every one has a spare one kicking about, that I have too.
Phew - thought I was having a wee crisis there.

I was sure I had an original wooden-handled one in my grandad’s old tool box but I can’t find it now.

You can always guarantee a post on here will take a nose dive into bizarre drivel before long, I love it!

I think I lost mine down the back of the sofa, or in Hull

I bought one a few weeks ago but it fell in half and all the oil leaked out.