Head race help

Hi it’s a bit of help I need to remove the lower steering head bearing, any hints or tips please . Don’t want to go daft with the chisel and damage stuff.
Cheers Harry

If you can access a Snap on (or similer) Slide hammer bearing remover it takes seconds.

depends if it was well greased when fitted, if not lots of heat from a hot air gun or whatever might well be needed, depending on model it might have a rubber or metal ‘Yoke Bearing Seal’ fitted below the bearing, if rubber the heat will damage it so a new one will be required, part number 1451700but if it was well greased before Mr Dunmore’s idea should work.

I have removed at least 10 of these on various bikes (they are all essentially the same) an old decent length screwdriver, or anything with a strong shaft and a hard tip(yeah yeah, grow up!) use a normal,not club hammer and keep tapping around the edge and it will gradually creep out. KEEP IT SQUARE, and grease the new one on the way in.
As for the part of the bearing that is fitted on the triple clamp (the spike that goes up the middle with the thread on it) PROTECT THE THREAD, hold the bearing in a vice and gradualy twist and ease it off. You may need to trim off opposite sides of the bearing vveerryy carefuly with a grinder to get good purchase in the vice.
Its a bit of a sweary faff but quite achievable, tho the last part is probably easier if you live near even a poorly equiped engineer he could get it off in a jiff for a cuppa.
You could also put it in the freezer then put a torch to the bearing, tho all I have ever achieved with that technique is burns.
As for refitting, they are not expensive. fit new ones with good grease and you will probably never have to go near them again.

Thanks for the advice will give it a go


Weakening it by going at it gently with a grinder.