Headlight on an import for a MOT

Hi All,
Got a MOT for my V35 Imola II coming up. This is an import and has the RHD headlight.
Will a beam bender be enough to get a pass or do I have to source a LHD headlight unit?
Bike has an MOT so it looks like last tester wasn’t too bothered.
Any advice?

I’ve had a bit of carefully positioned black tape on my headlight since I’ve owned my Spada. None of the MOT testers who have seen it have commented.
I ought to buy a new light really….

I would imagine it is a standard 7 inch unit so easily and cheaply avalable from any car motor factors or ebay quite cheaply as they are standard fitment on old Mini’s, Land Rovers, Moggy 1000’s etc.
Just make sure you get one with a pilot light hole.