I am thinking of splashing out on some heated gloves as my old man fingers suffer these days. I’d rather try this method than the heated grips as I already have a sat nav hard wired to the SPADA and don’t want to overload or clutter the electrics.

It would appear there is a lot of choice out there so if anyone has experience of or can recommend any that would help a lot.


I run heated grips and satnav without any trouble.
I use KEIS heated inner gloves which aren’t cheap but are very effective.
Used with a pair of winter gloves and my ‘old mans hands’ can last longer than the rest of me!
Good luck

Thanks Steve. If thats the case heated grips being cheaper and without battery hassles, must be the way to go. Cheers.

On the NTX I have heated grips and hand guards (fitted as standard!_
Cutting out the wing blast has been a great improvement over the naked (and departed) EV and the Mongrel.
Looking at a pair of Barkbusters after seeing them on a T3 at the AGM.
Keep us posted on progress

Klan heated gloves are excellent. I would run them from Manchester to London or Cardiff and back as a courier, but too much clutter for anything less than Brum. Heated wrap around grips are now my choice. Easy to store and only have them on the grips when required.


The wraps look interesting. Thanks for the feedback.

The hand guards wouldn’t work for me as the Spada has a good fairing already and i feel it would ruin the look.( some might say
the fairing does that already :laughing: )

If I’m not going to lose any electricary I’m leaning to grips but appreciate that this will warm the inside of my hands. Will I still need a backup of some sort for the exposed bits? ( my hands that is)

It might be worth considering RST battery heated gloves.£139.99 from the sportsbikeshop .
A spare battery pack is £25. They last 2 hours on full power and 4 on low and can be used when doing
other things like de icing the car or shoveling snow etc.

Thanks Malc

The thing is heated grips will do the job whenever I need them without the need to worry about the battery life and at a third of the cost. I was concerned about putting too much strain on the electrics, as it is an older bike, but it would appear that shouldn’t be an issue.

On the other hand ( scuse the pun ) I don’t know how efficiant the two different methods are. Will the grips warm the back of the hand enough? something I assume the gloves can do.

Decisions, decisions. :unamused:

Depends on blood circulation. The warmed blood from the palm circulates to the back of the hande where it is cooled by wind blast etc. Back of the hand gets warm, palm gets warmer.
I do notice that my entire hand(s) are warmer with the grips.
All the best

Thanks Steve

Plenty of advice on this one folks. Ta muchly :smiley:

I have Gerbing heated gloves and also heated grips and handguards. The combination of the three might seem like overkill but they ensure both palm and fingers are kept warm during extreme temperatures. I used to do long distance commuting with early starts and couldn’t resist taking the bike every now and then :slight_smile:

The gloves are a bit of a faff so they only get used for rides of over half an hour (I’m talking zero degree temps here). I have also uses them with batteries on and off the bike (skiing) with good results, although they will not get so hot (12v vs 13.5 v typical).

Heated grips vary. The OEM ones fitted to the Stelvio don’t get hot enough, for example, but the switching system is excellent. By far the best heated grips on the market are the KTM ones. I will be changing to these soon.

Have you considered a heated jacket? These work by keeping your core temperature up so the blood can then take the heat to your extremeties.

Good luck, whatever you choose. Heated gloves are ultimately better at keeping your hands warm but the convenience of a decent set of heated grips is hard to beat.


I have a heated vest formally for my pillion and a heated jacket. They work well. Worth fitting a switch DIN plug. Then a brew stops you can plug into unsuspecting BMW riders sockets. Got heated socks too. Nothing like toastie toes. I have used them all on the Breva 750, but not at the same time.

wow!!! Heated gloves, socks, and vests.

When do we get heated pants :laughing:

Gerbing make heated trousers. Some of us are already ‘hot’ down there :slight_smile:


My only problem with all this stuff is what happens if the power source fails.
I prefer normal multi layering.
I do see the sense of heated gloves as not vital if they fail.

The heated jacket I have has some padding and is bulkier than a normal fleece one might wear. I have to wear a base layer under it or I could burn my little arms :slight_smile: . If it fails, I’m only marginally worse off than I would be if I had worn a couple of technical layers (thin fleeces) instead. You REALLY notice the difference when you switch it off, though!

Just like heated grips, once you have experienced the difference you can’t go back.


Beyong the temperature drop don’t think any of these would cause a rider any great problem if they failed unlike, for example, Rita ignition.
The heated kit has had years of development, like Rita ignition, before reaching the motorcycle market and is reliable. People report years of use from the heated inner gloves I’ve got. A despatch rider reported being disappointed when his failed after only 10 years of regular use :wink:
If a rider can withstand the cold then it’s a moot point. If, like me, you have hands that become white and painful at anything below 15C then it’s the difference between riding or not.
Not forgetting the safety aspect; cold riders, even the hardy ones have slower responses. There’s a direct relationship between body/peripheral temperature and levels of concentration.
On balance…

That’s a very good point.

It’s also quite nice to feel ‘warm and summery’ in the depths of winter where otherwise the journey would be a drudge.


Spot on! And as a courier I wore or had them with me, but only used them when the unexpected strike.