I’ve just had Helibars fitted to my Breva 1100. I hope these pictures appear and are of help to anyone considering doing the same.


Thanks for the pics, good job.

Hi Graham
the bars look great - are they more comfortable? I am tempted as I feel I am leaning a bit too much for comfort over long distances.

I haven’t had time to do a full day’s riding with them yet, and it was after longer rides that I found myself aching. Nevertheless, I’m already delighted with them. When I first got back on the bike I felt the curious illusion as though the saddle had been lowered and I was sitting more in the bike than on it. That quickly passed, and I’m glad to no longer be thrown onto my arms every time I brake or roll off the throttle. I seem to have more control, whether it’s avoiding pot holes or pushing round corners. I would echo another Breva rider who said he’d wished he’d got them sooner because it makes him feel so much more positive about the bike. The chap who sold me the bars said it’s more of a BMW riding position - having had a BMW R850R, I’d agree. Obviously, he decided that it’s not what he wanted, but it suits me very well.

They look the db’s. Great pics. Happy riding!

Good job and thanks for the look.
Would for be for me. Look a bit Borg like.

I think ergonomics are such a personal thing that other peoples opinions are rarely relevant.

It’s certainly important to take account of a range of views in assessing the relevance of other people’s opinions. The expense of risers was significant for me, so before splashing out I read loads of feedback from different forums and concluded that those who liked these found they addressed the same issues as I had; and that the reasons given by those who didn’t like them were reasons why I would like them. That said, I still worried that I might be messing the bike up! Having taken the step, I have no regrets. The research was worth it.

Thanks Graham, having also now seen pics of the two bar types together I am sure the Helibars will be a better arrangement for me too.

Hi Graham could you please tell me where you got your brake lines from I have fitted helibars with standard brake lines I don’t like them they are to tight . Thanks Karl

Karl, I gather it’s our non-ABS Brevas that require the longer lines - an extra 2" at the lever end. Most people get them from helperformance: http://www.helperformance.com/motorcycle/moto-guzzi/
However, I know some people have made mistakes in providing the measurement when ordering. So when I discovered that Twiggers make up lines themselves using the same products for the same kind of price, I had them fit the bars for me and make the new lines at the same time. You’ll see from the pics that instead of one line that splits above the mudguard, they went for twin lines from the top, which I gather is the same setup others have purchased from helperformance.

Thanks for the advice Graham I know Twiggers they are my local dealer been a few times but didn’t know they made hoses thanks again

Hi Graham got the lines done at Twiggers he as done a nice neat job . Thanks again for your advice .