Hello from Northants

I bought a 1980 V50 II three weeks ago with 24.000 recorded miles. It was registered in county Durham and has had some caring owners but recently the servicing has been skimped partly because of low use as it has only done 2000 miles in the last ten years according to the MOT history. I have now changed all the oils and filters and brake pads and everything works. It has quite a few stainless fasteners but the frame paint is a bit flaky in places which I shall tidy up. I am impressed with the handling and brakes and it has enough performance for me on our minor roads.

Hello and welcome.

Hi Ian,

Welcome to the Club. the V50s are nice machines and are becomming ever so popular.

Cheers Uki

Hi and welcome. If you’re Northants you must be fairly close to me. I’m just over the border in Market Harborough. Give me a shout if you need a hand.