Help! Crank Oil Seal

Just fitted a new oil seal on the crank and then a new clutch plate set/deep spline centre on my 1100i.Now starting to worry. The original seal was just set into the crankcase by approx 1mm below flush.The new seal is in 2 - perhaps 3 mm. I understand there is a danger of bloking oil-ways.Anyone know how deep it should go, or should I extract the seal before rebulding any further and do another one just under flush with the casing?

Don’t know about the later Guzzis but I learned on the older bikes it was best to get the seal flush. Used to put a thin film/dab of silicone too around it to ensure a good seal.

Tap it in till its flush and more important you can then see its in totally square - no further

Thanks for the feedback and advice. After sleeping on it I came to the logical conclusion and ordered another seal to do the job properly.The last bike I did this on was a Beemer wher every seal was inserted against a machined stop.I should have known better.

Sounds like the right thing to do, let us know if it works out ok…