Help Electrical / Mechanic in the Cheshire region. 2006 Norge

Can anyone suggest a good Electrical / Mechanic in the Cheshire region. I purchased a 2006 Norge with 26K miles as a non-runner. I was told there were electrical gremlins.
The first thing I noticed was the battery was not great and would completely discharge overnight. I discovered a modification to the start relay with a feed directly from the battery to pin 30 on the starter relay. The original cable that should have gone to the relay was cut short and blanked off.
I reinstated the original cable to the starter relay and did away with the modified cable. Charged the battery and the bike started on the button and the battery no longer discharged overnight.
However, the Engine warning light (red Triangle) is illuminated as is the SERVICE notification. I used the service code to reset service and any faults. The service notification has gone but Engine waring light is still illuminated. I purchased the Motto Guzzi OBD and ran the Guzzi diagnostics, no fault codes found. I saw a post on here suggesting cleaning the contact on the dash, I have since dismantled the dash and cleaned all the connections with electrical contact cleaner however Engine light still illuminated. I had some concerns around the original battery so I purchased a new battery which I also had load tested, all was good, but this has not resolved the Engine light.
I’m at a loss of what to do next, so looking for an experiences electrical/Mechanic in the Cheshire area if any one can suggest who i should approach?
Thank you.

I discovered, probably by accident, that if I re-routed the connection to the lambda sensor the warning light would go off on my B1100. This worked for about a year. I tried one of the cheap generic sensors but every time the engine went above about 4,000 revs the light would come on and reset the next time I started the bike. I then fitted a genuine sensor. Problem solved.
Your bikes problem may be different, but it’s worth checking. Best of luck.