Help needed for fellow Guzzisti from Norway!

I try this in hope someone can help my with a new or an useful starter motor for my old SP3 on sunday or monday(31th.July- 01th.Aug.) between Heysham in the westcoast and Hull monday evening(ferry leaving 20.30. on monday) I am returning to Norway with a ferry from Hull and staying 1 night east of York befor driving to Hull on monday morning.
I will ofcourse pay for the starter and can replase it my self.

Please take contact on this email or phone number 0047 466 17 647

Odd Annfin Havdal

Please spread the news.

Thanks Uki

Wrote to Odd, I am from Manchester area, hopefully I can help him.

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Thank you very much for your help, I think he is now planning to get a new one from Gutsibits tomorrow, as they nearly on his way to the ferry.

Cheers Uki

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