Help please - Cali 1100 no lights etc

Technical numpty here…Had the Cali 1100 1995 Carb model sitting for “a while” now (nice warm garage though). Battery was on an optimate but showed signs of failing (green light turned orange). When I turned the ignition key - nothing - no lights, nothing not even a glimmer. Fluid levels in battery were very low, so re-filled and re-charged but with no effect. Checked the 4 fuses behind the the side panel - all looked fine. So presumed the battery was dead (probably was). Replaced the battery with a Motobatt today - connected the 2 red wires and 2 black wires to the relevant terminals and…nothing - no lights, no warning lights etc. Is there anything obvious I should check before calling someone out?



Have you checked to see if the new battery is charged, if you have something like a spare headlamp bulb, see if it will light that up.
Make sure the battery connections are all nice and tight, no corrosion on things.
I assume some lights etc will still come on if the kill switch is in the off position, ditto for any other safety cut outs like the side stand or clutch switch.
Then start looking a bit deeper, the ignition switches can fall apart and loose contact, try giving thingsa good wiggle about to see if you can find an intermittent connection.
Giving the fuses a turn can also cure odd faults at times.
Good luck.

Cheers Don-Spada - yeh new fully charged battery so it’s not that. Nothing obvious to me - time to get someone who knows what they are doing to have a look.