Help please T3 brake splitter unit

Would somebody out there with a T3 mind having a look at
their splitter unit on upper left hand side behind the battery for me please. Imagine it on end & we have a brake pipe ‘hole’ directly into the bottom end and 2 other holes above it, upper and lower, ignore the stop light pressure switch. Could you advise to where your brake lines in each case are routed to please. Many thanks for your help.

would imagine brake fluid in at bottom think T3 is straight splitter so back to middle and front to upper

The top braided brake hose in the picture is the replacement for the long metal pipe which runs to the front left brake hose, the lower hose runs to the master cyclinder behind the right hand side panel.

On mine the very bottom hose goes to the rear caliper via a banjo connection. The very top one round the back goes to the front caliper. The middle connection round the back is for the pressure switch. The lower connection round the back connects to the master cylinder.
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^ What he said.

Thanks for the help everybody. Still a good club to be a member of.

I did away with the splitter many years ago and simplified the whole system when I fitted stainless braided lines.At the end of the master cylinder I replaced the single banjo with a double vee, one with internal threads. To one of these vees I fitted a single hose, male thread on one end, banjo on the wheel cylinder end. The other vee has the long hose fitted with a banjo at both ends and bolted using a pressure switch modified into a banjo bolt. This line goes under the tank and straight to the front caliper.It looks very neat, and having only two simple hoses, is a doddle to bleed.

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