Here we go again, you thought the Tappet issue was bad . . .

And my reply as also on GR forum: :smiley:

“The Stelvio should be able to handle gravel roads and the dips and washouts that come with them without any issue”

Only if the designers anticipated that kind of usage might be a possibility. Instead I suspect they expected most owners would keep on the tarmac.

“It is my opinion that the tapped hole in the swing-arm acts as a stress raiser (stress concentration). There is no reinforcing or thickening of the aluminium casting where the tapped hole is, I find this surprising.”

Well there ya go then! > :smiley: >

The whole casing seems thin to me, with no reinforcing ribs either.

This rather looks like a case of metal fatigue, a particular bugbear of aluminium, albeit it should be an alloy which should make it tougher. Steel swingarm wouldn’t have broken like that.

Just two reported failures in how many thousand CARC-equipped bikes? We don’t know the full story either.

I’m not going to lose any sleep over this but will check my casting in that area for any visible cracks next time I wash the bike.


Yes it’s only two (three actually, but the other one was from accident damage I believe), but that’s two too many given the possible outcome.
I’m sure it’s just going to turn out to be a couple of isolated cases, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

It’s feasible you could get the occasional porous casting or suchlike, the majority being OK.

Bit like the old cast iron ships cannons, if a new one didn’t blow up on it’s first test firing then it was good to go. :smiley: