Hi everyone

Hi everybody
My name is Trevor just joined the club :grin:
I live in Dorset, I’ve got a Le Mans MK111
which i,m restoring. Looking forward to having a chat


Welcome, my wife and I have 2 mk3 Lemans, great bikes


Welcome to the group, Trevor!

Welcome to the forum, good luck with the restoration. Do not hesitate to ask questions! :smiley:

I’m hearing lots of positives about the mk3 Le Mans and will be looking at them with more interest in future👍🏻

Welcome, are you new to the wonders of air cooled transverse v twins, or are you like most of us a disciple of this unique character packed brand?

Welcome Trevor. Plenty of Le Mans owners on here to help you if needed :grinning:

Thanks everyone
Lovely warm welcome

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Yep new to guzzi’s
Had a V twin ducati before

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