History of recent acquired T3 Cali

I have recently bought a T3 California 1980 and the previous own / keeper before the guy I bought it off was from Helston in Cornwall. There was little or no history before 2008 when it was last sold. Does anyone know of anyone who had a California in the Heston area prior to 2008 and if so could someone contact me. The reg ends in 51V. Just want to know a little more about it for my own peace of mind.

Alternatively is there any way of tracing previous owners.



Hi Martin,
Congratulations on purchasing a fine machine!
I have a couple of friends in St Austell who were/are into Guzzis. It’s a small area. I could ask them if they know anything of the bikes history.
If you could DM me the previous owners name that would be great.
There was someone on the forum a while ago who came from Helston. Wonder if a note to Jennet the membership secretary might help? She couldn’t give you their details but could pass your details on to them.
I could also put a note on the clubs FB page if you wish.
Good luck.

There is a guy Jamie in Helston, but I don’t think he had a T3, he had a Bellagio and a Convert, Last I heard he was into loopframes now. I think he still crops up on here occasionally.

Jmee = John Mee and yes I live near Helston and have an Ambassador and Convert. I know Martin from club meets, but have not seen him for a while. There is guy on the Lizard who I’m sure I have seen on a Cali before, but recently he seems to ride a Guzzi with a large sidecar.

Thanks all
Hope it turns out to be a fine machine.

I foolishly didn’t make a note of the previous owner on the registration documents when completing the transfer.

I’ll press on with the the membership secretary approach and John I must come down and catch up and see your Ambassador as this was a project when we last met.

Thanks all again


Still not quite finished Martin! Life keeps getting in the way.