How do you connect Exhaust? cali ev

Hopefully my last question before I get her back on the road.
How do you fit the exhaust pipe, am I missing something…Ive tryed the little metal shims both ways, one the cover stands proud of the engine, the other way fits but the pipe has movement 5mm forwards and backward…






As in the second photo, don’t forget the gasket between the pipe and the head. There shoud be a gap between the finned clamp and the head

and don’t for get the header pipes are difrent leanths, i cant remember whitch is whitch but if you look down on the engine from directly above you will see that the heads are slightly offset. put them on the wrong way around and the collector box whont fit :astonished:

Fit as in the second picture. Have you forgotten the exhaust gaskets?

And as in any gasket do the bolts up finger tight and then half a turn alternatively.
There is probobly a torque setting somewhere but I use ‘that feels right’.

Thank you all there back on, off to get it MOT’d on my new day off… :smiley:

I can see it in photo ~ shiny new one.

Split spacer ring, like for Le Mans’es?

I can see it in photo ~ shiny new one.

Couldn’t/can’t see it in the photo. Seemed helpful to ask the question.

Talking of different exhaust lengths, you may have noted that one of the Classic Bike staffers has recently bought a T3/Cali bitzer. In the latest edition they mention that these are fitted the wrong way around.

I looked at that bike myself before they picked it up. Overpriced and I was highly suspicious of the VIN plate vs. registration date that they also mention in the latest article - but with at least a plausible explanation. Nigel at NBS gets another thumbs up there.