How long's yer dip stick? - T3

It always was 3.5L with new filter, 3 just oil change, standard sump. As said earlier, the sump extension is about getting more free space to get the oil surface out of the way of the whirling crankshaft, not getting more oil in. According to Wotsisname Roper (the Aussie expert) Guzzi discovered with the standard sump oil is blown out at high rpm while racing, causing bikes to be retired with lubrication loss problems, the sump extension stopped it. So your 850 T3 should be able to use the whole 3.5L. (?)

Stops the oil foaming…guykate2013-12-22 13:44:30

I see that Gutsibits do a sump extension for around 85 squids,plus about £20 for the extras required, so maybe I’ll treat myself to one of those. From what’s being said on the forum, it won’t do any harm; eh? I can then have a nice long dipstick. I was going to have a run out today to see how it behaves, but it’s horrible in Somerset at the moment with more rain and gales to come, so that will have to wait.

Same everywhere! Going to be worst Monday arternoon / night according to BBC weather web site

Nick don’ JUST go for a sump extention …look for the one with the external oil filter it is well worth it, did that with the V1000 over 15 yrs ago, it was then a prototype, it makes oil changes alot easier. every other one pop off the filter and renew that …every 4th one I take the sump off to check internal oil mesh filter.

I agree. I have that one on my bike. The “Windage plate” serves to stop the draught from the crank whipping up oil from the sump, contributing to it being thrown out of the breather.
On fitting mine I found the cut out for the dipstick to pass through was in the wrong place. Easily modified though.

the big block filter is quite small i cannot see it holding 1/2 a litre?

Plus the galleries in the sump and the pressure valve, all adds up.

I tend to fill the filter then put the measured amount as per the manual in the sump BUT turn the engine over with the kill switch off to get the oil around the system… I DO have an external filter which is horizontal and makes it easier…

Have returned to this country after a three month stay with my Brazilian Lady and during that time the T3 has had the sump extension with external filter fitted professionally. Guess what?The bloody thing is still chucking oil out. The bloke will sort it:bigger breather box or something and he will check the piston rings. I think I have bought a money pit though; just for information, I bought it from Moto Corsa when they were at Three Cross. The bike had been restored by a gentleman who has a connection with Silverstone (I better not name him;I don’t need any problems with libel) and they sold it on his behalf. When I started it up to ride home it popped a fuse and to give Moto Corsa their due, they had the bike back after more electrical problems and fitted better handlebar switches under warranty and a warped front disc. I’ve since had charging problems due to a badly crimped connection in the alternator. Anyway, if anyone wants to know who this bloke is then please PM me,as I don’t want anyone else to have problems,as I feel that this breathing problem is probably down to him as well. I’m heartily sick of this bike at the moment and there may well be a post from me in ‘what did you do with your Guzzi today’,in which I explain that I have thrown it over a cliff! Sorry for the rant-I feel better now.

Yeah your non-standard breather system ain’t working properly, can you fit a Le Mans style one?

My G5 with sump extension used to do that. ( throw oil out ). My cure was to jubilee clip a short length of hose onto the pipe that comes down at an angle towards the sump.
Dunno why it works but it does so it does.


Ah that is the drain return tube, sounds like. So needs to be under the oil surface. (?)