How to grease the speedo drive

The speedo has stopped working on my V35. The culprit is the drive on the front wheel - the tang that engages with the wheel has bent. The drive seems rather stiff, so I want to repack it with grease. It doesn’t seem to disassemble, and the grease nipple on the drive is not the usual shape. Has anyone done this - what’s the best way to grease the drive? Thanks!

There was a lot written on the VMCC forum about the shape of the old grease nipples. From memory they take the old push type grease guns. My V50 drive came apart easily so high temp grease has worked well.

Hi Steve - I’m wondering how you got the drive apart? I have removed a circlip and dust cover from mine, but the rest of the mechanism seems to be two parts pressed together, with no way of getting them apart, without risking damage.
Cheers, Andy.

I will have another look at mine and let you know. Can’t remember exactly now. It was the previous winter mine came to bits.

Mine just falls apart. I grease it at least annually. It has seized so many times now that the tag broke off and I had to solder a bit of biscuit tin on.

Hello, This is just a report on a similar issue I’ve had with my Targa, as the the speedo wasn’t working, when I bought it. Same issue in that it was the speedo drive attached to the front wheel, where the little right-angled tag that catches onto the cast spokes to drive the speedo had sheared off - it’s only soft alloy. I hadn’t noticed this until I took it off as it’s very difficult to see when fitted (and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how the thing worked until I took it off and I’d ordered a new drive from Gutsibits already). One thing to watch for when reassembling is to remember the washer (about 1/8th" wide) which comes between the fork and the speedo drive - mine had stuck to the old drive when I took it off and fitting the new drive without it crushes it and mis-aligns the wheel (a bit of a “I learnt about mechanics from that” story, I’m afraid; well, the best way of learning is by making mistakes…). So I took off the wheel again and I bent back the tab and the drive still revolves, so I hope it’s OK. I’ll solder a new tab on the old one as Cyclobutch suggests, just in case the new one fails due to my mistake. The drive mechanism does look difficult to prise apart without damage (although that may be my inexperience and lack of suitable tools) and I don’t think you can get the separate parts, only a full assembly. Hope you get it sorted! Boz

I think they are made of Edam.