Hydraulic tappet Calis

Hi - just noticed we don’t seem to have a Tech section at the moment so hope this is the best section for this post. I am interested in a 2004 Cali which had the recall work done on the tappets in 2006 and has done 3000 mile since. It had a replacement clutch in 2004, it had another clutch in 2011. I believe the first clutch replacement was a modified single plate clutch (rubbish by all accounts), the second replacement was a proper twin plate clutch. The bike is a very low miler but I am curious if anyone has a “hydraulic” and has it been trouble free post recall work?
mototavi mototavi2013-01-21 16:43:08

Friend of mine has one and it’s a good bike, (post-recall work that is). Both Pete Roper and Dave Richardson of Guzziology fame appear to think it’s a good engine as well - there was some info on the old Guzzitech site specifically dealing with it and the recall issues.Sounds like that could be a good buy, especially if you can beat them down because of the recalls/clutch replacements. If you do get it then pay particular attention to the recommended engine oil grade and don’t deviate from it.

I have a 2004 Cali hydro which has done over 34k and goes like a dream. As far as I know it has the original clutch and was produced late enough in 2004 never to need the cam recall, which I guess makes it the equivalent as those which had the recall work done. I’ve had it for 2 years having got it at 28k miles. The only rattles seem to be the exhaust on nthe frame and a loose screww in the headlight. They don’t get worse, so I put in my ear plugs and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for the encouraging replies, will let you know how it goes - currently too cold and snowy to do a 300 mile trip to see it / ride it back. mototavi