I like this

More here: http://www.pipeburn.com/home/2016/11/30/magmamille-moto-guzzi-sp1000-officine-rossopuro.html#

Interesting swingarm mod, too.

yes that has some interesting touches rather than following the usual formula… do like the 2-1 exhaust with downpipes on one side and silencers on the other… and the semi side panels… and yes the swingarm… :sunglasses:

There are so many really nice Guzzi bikes made by small concerns that really tweek my buttons and so few made by the factory. Most bikes I like seem to be liked by others, so I can’t be weird! Why is it that the factory seem to be so short sighted and so stuck, with a seemingly total lack of ambition and imagination. Virtually all the factories have new and exciting models out this year, not all to my tastes, but all up to the minute, either in appealing to the retro, sports or adventure markets. Why can’t they employ a decent designer. If a tin pot, railway arches affair can do it, surely they can.

I don’t normally like bikes which can’t take panniers but I like that.

Nice bike but i’m not sure the rear caliper is in the best place.I would have it higher up so if you do go off road it would be less likely to get damaged.

Ha ha: like it’ll ever go off road!?!?!?!

Rear caliper hung low to lower centre of gravity for better handling?!? With those tyres??

I also really like it but I don’t get why all these builders make lovely bikes but for the sake of looks stick knobblies on. Put some nice sticky rubber on and have some fun!

Fair point about it never getting it tyres muddy.The state of the roads with potholes etc it still looks if you do have an off it will be the first thing to take a hit I agree about the choice of tyres with some decent rubber the bike would be a great ride.

Agree about the tyres and I would like a more practical mudguard but in general I like it.

That’s the bobber fashion innit? :smiley:

I think it’s what is now known amongst the younger generation as a “street scrambler”. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a bobber:

Although Guzzi have used the name with the new V9, it looks as if Triumph have really stolen the show, fashion-wise.