I`ve been a numpty - Breva 1100

my DIN socket arrived today which I am fitting to my newly acquired Breva. I removed the cover to the battery, but the pipe (which I now know from the parts list is for bleeding the clutch slave cylinder) was making it awkward to get the cover to sit in a convenient place so I unclipped it and tucked it somewhere safe
At this point I should have disconnected the negative terminal, but didn`t
As I was fiddling around at the front of the bike, using a head torch, routing the cable for the din socket from under the screen, I smely something burning. Looking up I saw smoke. I quickly saw what had happened. The bleed pipe had popped out from where I had tucked it and was in contact with the positive terminal/ I removed the pipe from the terminal, disconnected the negative terminal and waited for the smoke to clear. Luckily it appeared that the only damage was to the plastic coating on the pipe itself. I reconnected the terminal and all electrics seem to be operational/
My question is this…what is the function of the plastic coating other than corrosion protection? Is anything else that is hidden likely to be damaged. I am thinking the
Lessons learned

  1. Don`t fiddle with the bike in a badly lit garage
  2. Always disconnect the negative terminal straight away when fiddling with electrics, even for a simple job.

Perhaps the lessons learned should be done in reverse order?

I’ve been wondering what that pipe was for… mine isn’t clipped in at all. I think I’ll go and do that asap!Assuming the pipe is a piece of braided brake hose, it might look a bit like this inside:If your “fire” has just melted the outer coating, all should be well. The question is, has it affected the inner core? The core will be able to stand engine and hot brake temperatures, but so can the outer…Any leaks of fluid from the burnt part of the pipe?

If in doubt replace it bud…ANY elektrikery when it lets the smoke out it usually means “It is NOT gonna work”

It is easy done tho’ the Virago scares me as it has a coiled wire around the fuel hose that goes over the battery

I did check carefully that there were no leaks by pulling the clutch lever countless times. At least it isnt a brake hose. Funnily enough, a used one off a Stelvio was on ebay so I have bought it. Same part number. I may just keep it until I have to do something else in the area. The banjo bolt looks like it could be a bit awkward to access without removing a lot of components. \ \ \ It cant do a lot of harm if unclipped if the battery cover is in place, although over time I guess it could flap about and wear through some other wiring in the vicinity. It is a typically crap design with electrical bits all over the shop.

You will in time get to know all the carp design in the big Breva, like,

draining the gearbox oil, you have to hold the bike vertical, because the drain is on the wrong side to drain it on the side stand

As it is for bleeding the clutch and therefore not vital imediatly I should wait and see.And yesn whenever working near the bty or on electrics disconect the -ve terminal.And yes Guzzi’s are CRAP.CharismaticReliable (trust me on this)AestheticallyPleasing. And the editors decision is final.

Cut the finger from rubber glove, insert bleed nipple into said finger, bit of tape/cable tie. Lot less smoke and that "oh sh*t moment…

I have already slit a piece of rubber tube I had and put it over the bit that is near the terminal so it won`t happen again!

Ah…JR and his rubber gloves…