ice blue metalic

Has anyone found a good colour match for “ice blue metallic” and as my Monza has been in a barn for years the black is very and i mean VERY faded, should it be gloss or matt?


The “ice blue” on my Convert is a Fiat colour from the 70s, can be matched by a decent motor spray company. Always thought the Guzzi black was satin rather than gloss?

Is it not a grey colour…

I thought the lemons were satin and the others gloss.

i can’t get a colour match as it’s been in a barn since 1998, so most of the paint on the plastics has fallen off and the tank fairing and tailpiece is all colours of major fading 3 completely different shades. not one piece looks like the pictures :cry:

Sounds like you can choose any colour that you like and/or think is closest?

No. It is blue.

Mine is grey.

Am I getting deja vu again!

is there one in the museum at Mandello ??
some one might have a picture of it
they are origional I suppose
forget that, I just checked my album of images and its a red one !! in the museum
however I do have something that might help
if you would care to Email me I can forward it to you

Deja blue maybe. .

I have a brand new Monza fairing on the shelf in the blue(not for sale as will be using it to restore Sues Monza this winter) and the Monza petrol tank has original paint do you want me to photograph them and put up on the forum. IIF you don’t mind waiting for a couple of weeks I have a mate who runs a paint shop I could take the fairing to him to get a colour match

Harrumph… At risk of repeating myself; the workshop manual for the V35 -V50 page 32ish example item 19-47-63-02 calls it met. grey… or if you are of one of the european states - grigio met. / gris metall./ met grau. :sunglasses:
It could be in red of course, but I don’t think those two could be confused but there I might be wrong.
So it’s grey as far as I am concerned. If someone wants to call it blue, then fine.

I call it ice blue.
You don’t expect the Guzzi manual to be correct do you.

The nearest match I got is from RS. Silver Grey Metallic, code 3013.
It’s worth giving them a ring, very helpful.
I can post a picture if required.

Sigh - grey ja vu it is then.

Look at the underside of the tank or inside the side panels for good un-faded paint and see what that is like.
My Spada has a satin black on the tank, it was sprayed after the main silver colour and lacquer coat was applied, so the black is unlacquered.
Lots of paint codes on the Holland owners club web-site, just about everything but the Monza!

underside of tank is pale brown (rust) so is anyone on the forum of any help please begging beggging begggging maybe a bit of pleading don’t think i’d get a true match from a pic on my lap top and don’t have printer of any kind but that is a very kind offer.

Just to update every body i had a slick 50 sticker on the rear mudguard under the seat on my Monza, i peeled the sticker off and polished the glue off and gave the area a power polish and the absolute nearest i could find to the original blue was Fiat Azure blue and it looks wonderful. I would post pics but i’d have to get my kids involved as i’m better with spanners than computers :smiley: