Imola or just V35?

Hi. I’ve just joined the club having acquired a V35 (1980) Imola. At least it says Imola on the side panel. Should it have clip-ons to qualify as an Imola?

Hello and welcome. Most Guzzi models of that vintage have interchangeable parts and so it could be an Imola with different bars or a V35 with Imola side panels. There is a list of engine and frame numbers that should prove which is the case, but you will have to wait for a model expert to guide you on that. Either way I’m sure it is a great bike and hope you enjoy it whatever the changes and modifications. Have fun :smiley:

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m happy to call it an Imola and regard the lack of clip-ons as a good thing! For a forty-something year old bike it’s in remarkably good condition and once I’ve got some basics sorted it will look great in the Spring sunshine.

Hello and welcome from a fellow newbie.

The best database I know is on the Dutch MotoGuzzi website. Some parts are in English but it’s fairly easy to navigate.

Thanks for your help. The Dutch link is interesting as I believe the largest Moto Guzzi dealer outside of Italy is based in Holland.

The Imola will have both frame and engine numbers with a PC prefix if original
Other differences between the V35 and the Imola will be rearsets, bottom frame rails, clipons, nosecone fairing, square headlight, seat and tank