Importing non registered bike

A motorcycle (let’s pretend it’s a Guzzi, ok it’s a BMW, cough) originally bought in Italy and crashed in Greece.
The owner got his insurance pay out and the bike was “de registered”. He then gave the bike to a mate who has fixed it and wants to import it to the UK.
Just thought there maybe someone on here who has had experience???

You’ll need to do a NOVA declaration first. That’s easy enough if you look it up on line, and it shouldn’t cost. Then if you prefer not to use any of the existing paperwork for it you’ll have to get a dating certificate from a body that the DVLA recognises, and then send everything though to them. For dating you could try the relevant owners club here, or the VMCC.

If it’s more modern, you might need a CoC although I’m not sure when they became mandatory for bikes. Should be able to order from the manufacturer if applicable.

Have a look on the BMW Club pages. Very good Vintage Section with a dedicated dating officer.

Thanks, all positive responses. So looks like it’s possible.
It’s a 650GS so fairly modern I think. I am going out in July and will check it over and get vin numbers etc

It would be interesting to see in there’s a central European database for written off/deregistered vehicles.
Interesting thread…

seems a lot of effort for a machine that has History
be cheaper to buy a decent one here
plus a new L/H dip headlight and MPH speedo
I bet BMW have it on their system