I imported my Eldorado a year or so ago, with no problems and reduced vat for an historic vehicle. Does anyone know the pro’s and cons of importing a basket case in a crate - as parts rather than a motorcycle. In effect the whole bike but in bits. It has no title either. A contact number to question the right people would be useful too. I have a plan!

importing scrap is cheap as chips

I did look into this before, and will see if I can find notes. But from memory you might run into problems when you are wanting to register it. Try HMRC website or maybe speak to a shipping agent. Ian

If your box of bits has a frame/VIN number it should not be a problem. In the past it was required to assemble the bike, get an MoT using the frame number as a registration, then present it physically at a DVLA office to confirm the bike actually existed, they would then issue an age related plate, especially if you had an age supporting letter from your club dating officer, (Mike Lacey). Simples. Not sure if this is still the case as there have been so many changes at the DVLA lately.