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Joined last week because I only have an ‘off sale’ deposit with a dealer for a 2009 Bellagio. This dealer believes that hearing a mechanical “click, click, click, click, click” from ‘below’ is normal when you pull the clutch lever in on a Bellagio. I started this exercise with the Guzziriders Forum (hence the crazy Username) but all I got was another Bellagio owner taking his bike to the same dealer to let them hear his bike’s “click, click, click”. Not helpful!!! However this dealer does have a branch with Moto Guzzi dealership status, albeit recently, and ‘my’ bike is now there I think.
I still believe that a ‘clicking clutch’ is a fault, so I’m hoping that enough experienced Moto Guzzi owners will agree and let me know so that I can pass it back to the dealer. Obviously if anyone knows WHY this clutch is ‘clicking’ (not just rattling - it’s a regular ‘click’ at about 3 clicks per second at tick-over speed, I should have tried revving it), that would be even more helpful to pass back to those possibly only familiar with V7, V85, V9 models.
I hope some of you can help. I will become a full member assuming I finally become a Moto Guzzi owner.

Hi Paul,

It seems that there are no Bellagio specialists on here at the moment.
Richard, the Notts & derby Branch leader used to have a Bellagio and he does his own servicing etc. He is mostly on Facebook, I will ask if I can give you his email address.

Cheers Uki

PM with email address sent

Cheers Uki

Thanks Uki,
I got an update from the dealer with the Bellagio today informing me that they’ve decided there’s nothing wrong with it despite the ‘clicking clutch’! I’m tempted to look elsewhere despite the probable loss of deposit so still hoping for advice from other members.
Your name appears in Gambalunga magazines given to me back in 2010 so it’s good to see continuity amongst Club officials.
P.S. I’d ticked ‘Notify me when a reply is posted’. If that’s by email, it isn’t working.

It may not be working because you are a trial member, I’m sure Uki will be able to confirm this.

Whereabouts are you in the country? You could take the bike to a branch meeting and get the locals to get out their ear trumpets and scratch their beards :smiley:

Thanks Chris, I don’t own the bike yet so can’t take it anywhere. I live on the Lincolnshire coast where the south bank of the Humber Estuary meets the North Sea.
If I had the bike I’d probably have the choice of Fridaythorpe, Barnsley, Doncaster or Newark but we’re talking about a 3 - 4 hour round trip. I’m sure there are plenty of members with much longer journeys than these but I was hoping to eventually meet up with members whilst riding a bike that worked!
Surely there can’t be that much difference between a Bellagio clutch and any of the other CARC bikes, is there? Do they all ‘click’?

I’d imagine the CARC clutches are all much of a muchness. On my 06 G11 Griso I don’t remember any noise from it when the clutch was out. Pulled in it made a fearsome racket, much more so than any other Guzzi I have owned. Enough to scare Ducati riders in fact … but that is normal it seems.

The Breva 1100 makes the same noise. I think its a quirk of the CARC bikes

Thanks to both Cyclobutch and Horton 916 for finding time to respond to my query.
Your thoughts are gratefully appreciated,