Indicator Bulbs 10 watt - V7 Classic & ot

I have found the 10 watt, amber indicator bulbs incredibly difficult to find, let alone at a reasonable price. The bulbs are 12v 10watt with a BAX 15s bayonet base - the pins are at the same height but offset from the centre. Whereas standard BA 15 bulbs are pence each, these BAX 15s bulbs are pounds.

On £Bay I’ve found one reasonable seller - a box of 10 bulbs for £14.99 (item 160821141123 )or 4 bulbs for £6.99 (160947375285) both including postage.

Goodness knows why Guzzi specified these cheap, torpedo-shaped, plastic indicators with rare bulbs for the new V7 (and, if I’m correct the same bulbs for 1200 Sport, Bellagio, Breva ALL, Norge ALL, Stelvio, V11 Sport !) I’d advise other owners to have a spare or two - if one bulb goes, it’s good to be able to replace immediately.greybeard622012-12-30 17:23:24

My bellagio was standard bulbs since changed to LEDS so no longer applies.
You cannot change to LEDs without resistors,Or the ECU detects a fault.

Fxxking electronics

These bulbs are quite common on many bikes, you can get spares in Halfords.If you can find one with straight pins which is amber, then you can file off one pin, it does work. Problem is the straight pin ones are normally clear. Of course you can buy amber glass paint too, but is it worth it?

It’s Italian, form over function every time.

Hi Brian,
Halfraud’s straight pin bulbs £2.49 (!!! VWP £0.38 each) - don’t stock the offsets. I can go with “form over function” except for the cheap, nasty plastic fittings with non-passivated fixings!

Happy New Year to MG vee twinners!

Form over function, they look fine in the showroom.There is also a “fashion” for small indicators, so requiring the small bulbs. But why they couldn’t fit an amber lens and clear bulb is beyond me.
Brian UK2013-01-01 10:08:06

Not having looked at the lenses look around to see if there are amber lens options ie on the V11 Triumph lens is exactly the same and cheaper than a replacement Guzzi one…

Have bought these bulbs off the shelf in a French supermarket for 0.9 Euros each, obviously more often used “sur le continent” than here.G.

I wonder if some of the on line shops have them, but I guess you tried that already!

I have 4 amber LED Bay 15s with the offset pins that I bought by mistake. I know Tonewalk has already posted that you will need to put a resistor in place to fool the ECU but it may be worth it for the extra life and brightness that LED’s offer.If you would like to try them you are welcome to them just PM me your address. - David